Making the future of Industrial safe

Safetyk3 is adopting intelligent technology, businesses can improve safety at your facilities while increasing productivity.

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    • Safetyk3 App Helps

    Reducing Accidents

    Team Colaboration

    Increase Efficiency

    Reducing bad safety practices

    What is Safetyk3?

    Integrated cloud application technology solutions for use among safety officer to manage every day tasks, as to remain protected from workplace accidents.

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    Workplace Safety With IoT

    • IoT Safety devices, will be detected before accident before occur and responded rapidly.
    • Help us to stay informed about risk, safety standards to make sure products meet regulatory requirements and the demands of your Industries.


    Safetyk3 is a powerful tool provides a range of different features that can help to keep workers safe.


    Insights-driven actions into measurable outcomes with data analytics.

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    Monitoring &

    Real-Time monitoring and delivers real-time awareness: what, where, and when.

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    Mobile for

    Mobile technology allows employees to stay in constant contact with each other and with their superiors.

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    Safe Cloud Network

    Cloud computing enables users—employees and customers alike—to access the information and architecture built to evolve for your business’ changing needs.

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    Total Program Management

    Our safety total solutions can customised and scaled quickly to the meet needs of small, medium and enterprise-sized businesses as they grow.

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    Consulting Support

    Partnered with expertise in providing a wide range of Industrial
    Safety services.

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    A smart and secure way to invest in Safetyk3 Apps

    Safety as an Investment. Lives aren’t the only thing that a robust culture of safety can protect.

    How it works


    Accident Cases

    Employment record number of accidents in Indonesia are likely to continue to rise.*

    Rp 971B

    Claimed Accident Cost

    Many people do not realize how much accidents really cost.*



    Our solution helps you forge a path to success in your industry.

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    Safety Management System

    Enables companies to streamline their safety processes, forms and records to remain compliant and achieve their safety goals.

    • Monitoring and measurement
    • Safety Schedule and Target Planning and risk-assesments based OSH Program

    Safety work management

    Digitizing your safety work operations management will benefit your business.

    • Coordinated Permit to Work.
    • Preventative Maintenance.

    Safety Asset Management

    Remove the complexity around asset management comprehensively so that you can manage assets, time and resources efficiently and effectively.

    • Inventory Management with Real-Time Visibility, On-Site and in the Field.
    • Purchasing Control deciding whether equipment is safe to supply or to be put into service.

    How it works?

    How do you incorporate Safetyk3 apps into your safety and compliance practices, adapt this easy steps to fit this changing application environment, transform the business smoothly and still keep costs under control.

    Solving the industries biggest problems

    Organizations in all different industries deal with safety in the workplace, from ergonomic and MSD hazards for office workers, to fall prevention on construction sites, or even lockout and tag-out procedures in a factory. Although some sectors face unique health and safety challenges, safety professionals across trades are united in how they view the importance of compliant staff and standards.

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